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green technologies

save the environment, energy and money!

Over the last few years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of 'green' residential and commercial building projects carried out by alltrades in Saundersfoot.

Whilst this is partly due to a greater awareness of the impact our modern lives have on the environment, it is much more a consequence of spiralling energy costs and, in no small part, the availability of capital grant funding for projects that will reduce carbon emissions  (jump to eco grant funding to find out more)

If you are looking to reduce your energy bills, you'll find brief information on the most popular green technologies below, including;  solar power generation, inefficient boiler replacements, plus loft and cavity wall insulation : solid wall insulation and triple glazing.

For more information about any of the energy-saving home improvements outlined on this page, call the engineers at alltrades in Saundersfoot for an informal chat.

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solar energy

harness the power of nature

Installing solar PV panels on your home is more important, and cheaper, than ever before.

The Office for National Statistics predict that, by the end of 2025, we will all be paying in excess of 50p per kWh for energy from the national grid.  On a much more positive note however, solar electricity generating technology is now significantly more efficient, and far less costly to install, than it was just ten years ago.

Over that time, battery technology has similarly improved, and become more affordable. . .  with grants available to cover up to 65% of the total system cost!

Jump to the section on eco grant funding to find out more. . .  or, for businesses in Pembrokeshire, visit Solŵr Wales.


boiler replacement

electricity, gas or oil fired heating

Older heating boilers can be as little as 60% efficient. . .  meaning that almost half of the electricity, gas or oil that you pay for is wasted!   A modern, high efficient boiler will get up to 90% heat energy out of the fuel it burns, drastically reducing your heating bills and minimising carbon emissions.

If you live in Wales, the government is providing grants to encourage the installation of low carbon heating systems through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS). . .  designed to help property owners overcome the upfront cost of low carbon heating technologies.

Homeowners and private tenants can get their old, inefficient boilers replaced completely free of charge, or have the cost of a replacement heavily subsidised, even if you're claiming other grants or funding (such as for solar panels, insulation or triple glazing).  To find out more, or request a free, no-obligation, quote. . .

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lofts and cavity walls

Installing loft insulation, either from scratch, or adding to existing loose-fill to meet the current building regulations recommended thickness of 270mm, is one of the most cost effective ways to stop wasting energy. . .  reducing heat loss year after year and paying for itself many times over.

The most common types of materials used by alltrades in Saundersfoot for loose-fill insulation include cellulose, fiberglass, and mineral (rock or slag) wool, and 100% recycled materials are also available.

Cavity wall insulation involves injecting the gap between the inner and outer brick layers of your home's exterior walls with an insulating foam, preventing heat (and damp) transfer between the skins.  The process is almost always carried out externally, with little or no disruption or mess.

If your walls have a cavity of less than 2", or are solid stone, then the option to retro-fit external cladding may still be appropriate.   As a guide;  if your home was built within the last 20 years, the walls were probably insulated during construction, but alltrades will be happy to carry out a free, and minimally invasive, borescope inspection to make sure.

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external insulation

thermal cladding systems for solid walls

According to Pembrokeshire County Council, almost 30% of homes in the county are of solid wall construction, with either no cavity at all. . .  or one that is too narrow to be suitable for injected insulation.   Installation involves fixing an insulating material to external walls, with a protective render and/or decorative cladding over the top, so it will affect your home's external appearance and therefore may require planning permission if you live in a listed building or a conservation area.

The application of external wall insulation not only improves the thermal performance of your home, but will also prevent driven rain from causing damp, with none of the disruption or expensive redecorating that comes with internal insulation.

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With several systems to choose from, we'll arrange a completely free on-site survey (including a check on listed building and conservation area status), and to discover the availability of external insulation grants in your area!


triple glazing

ultra low-loss sealed units

By adding a third pane of glass to double glazing, two seperate cavities are created, each of which is filled with an inert gas such as argon, xenon or krypton.

Apart from enjoying far superior sound insulation properties and all but eliminating condensation, triple glazing is approximately 40% more thermally efficient than even 'A' rated PVCu double glazing, resulting in far greater energy cost savings.   Whether you are replacing original, single glazed, windows. . .  or older double glazed units, installing triple glazed windows and doors makes perfect ecological and economic sense.

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funding available!

for energy saving home improvements

In line with the UK Goverment's commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, the Energy Compliance Obligation (ECO) has, since March 2022, been in its fourth iteration  (ECO 4). . .  which is slated to run until 2026.

As a consequence, there is grant funding totalling some £1 Billion per year available for 'green' home improvement projects including;  solar panel installation, boiler replacement, cavity wall and loft insulation, external solid wall insulation and low-energy loss triple glazing.

You could be eligible for ECO 4 if you receive at least one of the following benefits:  Child Benefit, Pension Guarantee Credit, Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

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There are also several local grant initiatives, such as Warm Home Wales, which could apply to your project.

For businesses in Pembrokeshire:   The Carbon Reduction Fund is a business grant scheme, operated by Pembrokeshire County Council, which provides capital support to businesses for the installation of renewable energy systems at their business premises.

For details of this fund, visit;  Solŵr Wales in Narberth.

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